An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People was produced by Actors’ Ensemble at Live Oak Theater in January of 2018, using Arthur Miller’s adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s famous parable
about the costs of truth to a town in denial. An environmental disaster threatens the recently-built baths that are expected to draw many tourists and shore up the economy
of the struggling town. Dr. Stockmann wants to expose the health threat that the town’s water poses, against the opposition of his brother (the mayor) and despite the costs to
himself, his family and the town. The cast featured Bruce Kaplan (as Dr. Stockmann) and Glenn Havlan (as Mayor Peter Stockman), along with Ann Barnett, Rachael Olliff Yang, 
Ian Wilcox, Lisa Wang, Ron Dritz, Nate Bogner, Michael Callan, Charlotte Curtin, Clementine Leonard, Madison Shlader, Paulette Herring, Elijah B. T. Lejmer, Randy Solomon,
Julie Ann Valdez, Matthew Weinberg, and David Weiner.

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