A Christmas Carol: The Musical

This was the 2014 production of Stapleton Theatre Co.'s presentation of the musical version of Dickens' famous Christmas classic.  As always, it was double-cast, which mean that that there were two actors for most roles.

1 Promo Poster

2 Gentlemen and Maids

B Charity Ladies

C Businessmen

E Gentlemen

F Cratchit & Scrooge

G Scrooge reprimandg debtor

H Cratchits at dinner

I Women Singing

I-1 women singing

I-2 Women Walking

J families

J-2 Some Teens Singing

L-1 Cratchits

L Scrooge and Ghost of Christmas present

L-2  Scrooge sees Tiny Tim

N Scrooge and the Elves

M Scrooge and Ghost dancing

O The Children of Want

P - Ensemble in Death Masks

Q Future - Scrooge's death

R - The Scavengers

S - Ensemble at Finale

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